28 Sep – 02 Oct 2017Across Borders

Through this showcase, waraq art foundation continues working on it’s mission to revive the art scene in Libya, with the aim to support Local artists in order to increase their visibility in the international art communities.

Across Borders is reaction of resistance after WaraQ gallery in Tripoli was forced to shut down in May 2017, which leads to the reason to choose the definition of Borders as the main theme for the exhibition artworks and content, and to create a dialogue between the Libyan culture and European audience.

The exhibition features both emerging and established artists with different artistic backgrounds and mediums with concepts related to their own experiences with the borders they choose to cross, which includes political, social and personal boundaries.

The exhibition is combined with discussions, Talks and several workshops related to contemporary art culture in Libya.

28 sep – 02 oct 2017 BarcelonaA touring exhibition that represents contemporary art from Libya.

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Curator :
Takwa barnosa

Artists :
Mohammed Al Kharrubi, Ahmed Barudi, Hadia Gana, AllA Abuddabus, Ziad El hemdi, Afra Al Ashieb, Zeynab Abbar, Takwa Barnosa, Mohammed Bulifa, Blqees Zuhair